My SEO knowledge (Continuously updated)

SERP wisdom

Featured Snippets

  • I have had success formatting pricing comparisons into tables and earning featured snippets. The content did not change — only the way we presented the data. Pricing keywords are the type of end-of-buying-cycle keywords that tend to have high conversions. Source:
  • Website that have Mobile snippets have following in common. Source:


Rich snippets

  • Many aren’t aware of this, but there’s a quality threshold to rich snippets. Therefore, you can see sites gain or lose rich snippets when major quality updates roll out. Source:


Domain age

  • Top 3 you'll rarely see a website younger than 2 years old. Source:


Ranking speed

  • Almost 95% of newly published pages don’t get to the Top10 within a year. And most of the “lucky” ones, which do manage to get there, do it in about 2–6 months. Source:



  • Top 2 is very steady. Occassionally Google does ranking spikes. It pushes a site in the top 3 to gauge its performance. Tanks again the day after.

  • The 30% CTR for #1 position is an over generalisation. It all depends on intent, brand/non-brand, SERP features and ads. Be careful with estimations. List of current and better estimations:

Technical SEO

  • HTML to Text not a ranking signal. Google don’t use text to HTML ratio in their algorithms. It is fine for some sites to have more HTML than others. Source:

Autority & Linkbuilding

Anchor text

  • Brand-match anchor text connects companies to non-branded terms — it’s the link-based corollary to entity-building query data. Example for the Berkshire Hathaway website. Source:


User signals

  • Bounce rate has no impact on rankings, as it's too noisy. Confirmed by Gary Illyes. Source:

Technical signals

  • Starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. To be clear, there is no ranking boost for being fast, just a downgrade for being really slow. Source:
  • John Mueller van Google liet een tijdje geleden via Twitter weten dat de Time To First Byte van een website geen directe rankingfactor is. De Time To First Byte (TTFB)  is de tijd dat je server er over doet om de eerste byte met informatie van een site die je bezoekt te ontvangen. Source:

Links signals

  • Links and content. Ranking factor #1 and #2.

Content optimisation

UltimateKeywordHunter gets the 3 and 4 word n-grams of the top X Google results of the SERP of your choice. Use in your content


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